Linear Spuds?

See, there's this thing called biology...

I am chuckling, but this little meme is philosophy 101. It is also a perfect description of linear thinking. Linear thinking is black and white, “yes or no,” hot or cold. It is devoid of all nuance and if it ran into a paradox, it would probably clutch its pearls and faint dead away.

It’s also kind of lazy thinking. It wants a tidy, simple world, one it can control. Linear thinking makes me absolutely crazy, but don’t get me wrong, it serves a necessary and vital purpose, like when needing to make split second decisions. One problem with the modern world is that we’re terribly impatient and so we falsely conclude everything requires speed and split second decisions.

Linear thinking tends to make us really reactionary, quick to leap to a knee jerk, emotional response to any perceived threat. That might be a good thing if you are about…

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