Things I have read on the internet – 66

My latest list of good internet articles.


Muslim converts breathe new life into Europe’s struggling Christian churches

Stories of Donor-Conceived Kids with Gay Parents- Why “family break-up” doesn’t explain their struggles.

Why Does Mainstream Scientific Literature Ignore Conclusions from Young-Earth Creationists?


Transgenderism: Undoing God’s Design

The Need For Sabbath–a.k.a. Vacation Time

Goodbye AskTheBigot, Hello Them Before Us

Caring About Creation for the Right Reasons

Spiritual Privilege

An Astonishingly Well-Preserved Dinosaur: Evidence for the Flood?

Lefties: Get used to your daughters losing to mustached ‘girls’

The Most Abused Text In The Bible – Matthew 7:1

Academic Articles Dating Back to the 1950s Show the Abortion-Breast Cancer Link

Here’s Another Reason Why Tim Tebow is Such a Good Christian Role Model for Kids

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