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Dealing with trauma

Here is something I read on Facebook.

Dealing with trauma

by Zach Whitsel

A few months ago both of my dogs were viciously attacked through a fence on the dirt road near our home. A large dog in the Ridgeback family attempted to pull my smaller dog through an opening in his fence and nearly sawed her throat open in the process. It took about nine stitches to close her neck up. Right as I got her free, my larger dog stepped forward to the rescue and nearly got her shoulder dislocated by the same dog. She could hardly walk at all for the next few days. To make matters even worse, my six-year-old was with me. I felt completely out of control in the situation. And that’s not a great feeling. In fact, from a psychological standpoint, phobias and PTSD stem from situations involving that very emotion. Read the rest of this entry

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