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Living in a sinful world

Here is something I read on Facebook.

Living in a sinful world

by Levi Smith

Listed below are some things that I believe men need to do while living in this aggressively sinful world….

• Make the Bible a priority.
The truth makes and keeps us free. Every day we don’t spend in the Word is a day that #Satangainsground. Love Scripture. Make it a necessary, non-negotiable part of your day. Read the rest of this entry


Wicked men

Here is something I read on Facebook.

Wicked men

by Levi Smith

I sat in my 4th grade Sunday School class in Texas, unaware that wicked men were voting my dad out as Pastor of the church.

My mom poked her head into my Sunday School class and motioned for me to come out into the hallway. She gathered the other siblings, we met my dad and we left that church for the last time.

We went to the parsonage. It was there that my parents told us that our time in Graham, Texas was over. We had only been there for just under a year. We were just getting settled. I had finally found the group of friends I could play with on the playground. And now, because of unbiblical men, we had to uproot and move again. Read the rest of this entry


Here is something I read on Facebook.


by Levi Smith

She went in a woman and came out a concubine.

Esther is an incredible story of our gracious God rescuing a His children from impending destruction; but the beginning of this story starts with tragic details of the abuse of women.

King Ahasuerus ordered his own wife, Vashti, to be paraded in front of his men and people because of her beauty. When she refused his command, the men in charge became enraged that a woman would go against their authority. Read the rest of this entry

Rainbow colors

Here is something I read on Facebook.

Rainbow colors

by Levi Smith

Rainbow colors are out in full force this month as our country exalts sexual sin.

But the flaunting of these colors doesn’t make me angry. It actually gives me hope.

You see, those colors represent the long suffering, merciful promise of God to a sinful people. It is Heaven’s signal that God forgives and gives grace!! Read the rest of this entry

Baptists and Catholics

Here is something I read on Facebook.


Baptists and Catholics

by Levi Smith

I implore you to take a moment to read these thoughts….👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

For as much as some Baptists crush the Catholic Church, they sure have adopted a lot of their methods.

• Catholics believe in papal authority, which declares that the Pope has full, divine power over the Church and can exercise this power unhindered.
• There are Baptists that believe that their Pastor holds full, perfect, authoritative say so over all things spiritual and can exercise his power unhindered.
Read the rest of this entry

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