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Conversion of a church member

Here is something I read on Facebook.

A conversion testimony

by Elly McMashehu\

Spring break, 20 years ago. I had picked up a book on winter break but stopped reading when night classes resumed. And then a few months later as I sat on my bed reading this book next to my boyfriend (later, husband) who was working on producing his music, the Lord revealed to me my sin: ***I*** was the religious hypocrite that was depicted in the book. ***I*** had professed to know God (sometimes) and yet violated His holy law in countless ways: I was a liar, I was sexually immoral (with men and women, “such were some of us”), I had hatred in my heart, I got drunk and took drugs for “fun,” I was selfish, I dishonored my parents, I coveted, I blasphemed God’s holy Name, I stole, I never honored the Lord’s Day and I certainly did not honor, revere, fear, or love God, Jesus was a name I grew up with but had no love towards Him, and He certainly was not precious to me. Like many of us who go to church and profess to know God, He was something that might come up every now and then, but He certainly was an after-thought, NOT the center of my affection nor Savior of my soul. Romans 1:18-32 described my life and moral decline. Read the rest of this entry

Dealing with critics

Here is something I read on Facebook.

Dealing with critics

by Zach Whitsel

Since Kanye West came out as a Christian, I have not seen one single negative post about him here on Facebook. You know what that tells me?

I’ve been extremely efficient at unfollowing critics. Read the rest of this entry

True conversion

Here is something I read on Facebook.

True conversion

by Blaine Michael Seman

Twenty years ago today, at 1:47am Ingrid grabbed my hand and said “This is what we prayed for.” (She always prayed that we would die together). What neither Ingrid nor I knew is that we were not going to die and go to heaven as we believed but would have gone to a hypocrite’s hell. What a double shock that would have been. No words. Read the rest of this entry

Evangelizing atheists

I have spent a lot of time on internet forums debating atheists and trying to convince them that God exists and the Bible is true.  I usually tried to show them that the existence of God is the only logical explanation for the existence of the universe and I pointed out scientific evidence that shows that the theory of evolution can’t be true.  However I have come to believe that I was going about this in the wrong way.  This conclusion is based on hearing two former atheists tell how they became Christians.

The first is someone I know personally.  He had a long conversation with a pastor which ended with the pastor explaining to him how to be saved.   He said he was an atheist and didn’t believe in God, and that ended the conversation.

Over the next few days thoughts about God kept entering his mind and he came to the conclusion that there really was a God.  Since the pastor had told him how to become a Christian he knew what he needed to do and so was saved. Read the rest of this entry

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