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Conversion of a church member

Here is something I read on Facebook.

A conversion testimony

by Elly McMashehu\

Spring break, 20 years ago. I had picked up a book on winter break but stopped reading when night classes resumed. And then a few months later as I sat on my bed reading this book next to my boyfriend (later, husband) who was working on producing his music, the Lord revealed to me my sin: ***I*** was the religious hypocrite that was depicted in the book. ***I*** had professed to know God (sometimes) and yet violated His holy law in countless ways: I was a liar, I was sexually immoral (with men and women, “such were some of us”), I had hatred in my heart, I got drunk and took drugs for “fun,” I was selfish, I dishonored my parents, I coveted, I blasphemed God’s holy Name, I stole, I never honored the Lord’s Day and I certainly did not honor, revere, fear, or love God, Jesus was a name I grew up with but had no love towards Him, and He certainly was not precious to me. Like many of us who go to church and profess to know God, He was something that might come up every now and then, but He certainly was an after-thought, NOT the center of my affection nor Savior of my soul. Romans 1:18-32 described my life and moral decline. Read the rest of this entry

Things every church member should consider

Here is something I read on Facebook.

Things every church member should consider

by Levi Smith

I’d like to share some things that I think every church member should consider:

1. The Pastor(s) is not perfect.
His sins led Jesus to die exactly like yours did. Yes, he should exemplify a high biblical standard of living; just keep in mind that the Bible never asked anyone to be perfect. Please grant him the same grace you desire to hear from his messages. Read the rest of this entry


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