Being the Hero in Your Own Story?

See, there's this thing called biology...

“Become the hero in your own story.” Anybody ever heard that saying? Everybody always wants to be the glorious hero, the dragon slayer, the good guy who wins the day. Nothing wrong with that, no shaming intended here, I’m just saying you will be enriched and blessed if you step out of that comfort zone a wee bit and explore some less glamorous roles.

I actually had to be the hero in my own life for a long time. I really wouldn’t wish that on anyone. A bit amusing, but when Bonnie Tyler sung her, “I need a hero,” song it finally all clicked. I have a Hero, Jesus, so I can just set that burden down. No heroics required on my end.

There is an on going imbroglio on the intertoobz about whether or not we should acknowledge that King David raped Bathsheba. Actually it doesn’t really matter to…

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