Question: Unbelievers spiritually blinded and also knows there is a God?

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unbelievers know God spirtually blind

Someone asked: Are unbelievers spiritually blinded? If everyone in their heart knows there is a God, how can they be blinded?

This is a question that particularly is one that concerns the Presuppositional Apologists who say nonbelievers in some sense actually know God but are also spiritually blinded.  If someone is not careful, one can think this is an objection to Presuppositional Apologetics.

Here’s my take:

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  1. Some excellent points and I can say for myself I knew there was a God long before I was actually saved. I did not grow up in a Christian home and my mother was not saved until a year before her death. I did seek Him out though starting in my teens and reading the Bible often. I had a yearning to know Him even back then it was like a hunger in my heart.
    I think with those who are blinded, I think in some cases for reasons only God knows. In Psalm 150:6 Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. This tells me all of God’s creation knows Him on some level humans and animals alike, but some humans reject Him and by denying His existence they will not be held accountable. God will eventually leave them to their own destruction. You may think me crazy, but I feel there are some that are born evil. I have a nephew that is now in his forties from about the time he was able to walk and talk was a willfully cruel child and it did not get better as he grew it got worse. He is cruel to animals and to people as well. I am actually surprised he hasn’t killed, someone. His mother who is my sister told me once with all the disappearances in their area who can say he hasn’t. He is one I believe is completely blinded.

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  2. Wow thank you thank you thank you!

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