More than TED Talk, the Church Need TEXT Talk

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Who here found some TED talk helpful?

More than TED style talk I think the Church need to recover “TEXT” Talk.  Especially in the Pulpit.

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  1. I think I have seen maybe a half dozen TED talks in my 60 years on this earth and the only one that I ever learned anything of value to myself personally was one that covered pacemakers and how they have changed over the decades since their invention. It is kind of scary to know my heart is connected to the internet and if someone ever decided to start attacking these systems they could in essence shut off my pacemaker and potentially kill me. The funny thing is only if I am at home because that is the only place I am personally connected to the internet.
    I kind of giggled about the texting because when I talk to God during the day it is a little like short to medium length text messages in my brain. There are many things the church needs, but I think getting back to talking to God is one of the first things it needs. Jesus tells us to come just as we are, but He doesn’t tell us to stay just as we are. The church has been in a rut for as long as I can remember from Charismatic craziness to churches so far asleep banging a gong couldn’t wake them up.

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  2. Appreciate you sharing this on your blog brother Clyde

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