You’re insane!

See, there's this thing called biology...

Yes, hence the insanitybytes moniker! I’m no longer bothered by various slurs regarding my alleged mental health. I used to be, and I was controlled and manipulated by it for many years, but the Lord finally cured me. I kid you not, one day while I was just tired, drained, unable to fight back even in my own mind, He sat me down next to this half naked man in a loincloth with a bone through his nose.

He was also barefoot. In December. There was snow on the ground.

So the guy basically goes, “ewww, you Christians are all insane, crazy, weirdos,” like he was qualified to be the Monarch of Cancel Culture or something. The Holy Spirit was like, So. I see you’re now letting a half naked man with a bone through his nose determine your mental health for you?

I just laughed! Talk about weird…

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