763: Hard Work Changes The World

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Your Questions Answered; Day 3

Do the Amish in Wisconsin have a cultural influence on the life of the State or are they simply there and minding their own business? –Bruce

The problem with this question is that it presumes an either/or paradigm which is not necessarily accurate. Members of the Amish community are not likely to write books, become rock stars, write groundbreaking computer coding or use credit cards. They are pretty good at minding their own business and speaking German. The outsider observer driving through Amish country would think that it is world unto itself, and that’s not far from the truth.

However, that world has a significant effect on the world around it. Businesses run by Amish businessmen produce everything from cabbages to furniture, and there is certainly a unique flavor to the goods which they produce. The industry and work ethic which is characteristic of members…

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