My Rainy, Windy Life

Elaine came home from youth group at the church and said, “ Hey, Wendy was there tonight. I told her you had mentioned her and she said to give her a call.”

Now, I had a mission.

I looked up her address. Back in those days we had actual phone books. Over the next few days, I drove by several times. I had to use a map the first time. Back in those days we didn’t have GPS.

I finally got the nerve to stop. I parked at the curb, knocked on the door, and a stern woman with a jet-black beehive hairdo answered.

“Is…is Wendy here?”

“No. She is at modeling.”

She’s a model. Wow! “Would you tell her that Randy Epps came by?”

No smile from her. I guess she said yes.

We talked the next day in her front yard for a couple of hours.

Two days…

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My Rainy, Windy Life

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