My Rainy, Windy Life

i was told that the only reason I am a Christian is because I was preached to when I was young, and that formed a pattern in my brain. “I was just like you,” Nan said, “I believed all the things I had been taught. But, I started using my mind, and I broke free from the indoctrination .”

This could be so.

i do remember, when I was in fourth grade, our church had a
“Pastor’s Class” that taught us the basic tenets of our particular denomination. For four consecutive Sunday afternoons, we met in the preacher’s office. (There were maybe five of us. My best friend was Earl, the preacher’s son. He was there.) I honestly have no memory of anything said during that time.

But, I do remember, at the end of the four weeks, we all walked forward during church, the preacher asked each of us…

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My Rainy, Windy Life

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