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I grew up off the grid preparing for the complete collapse of Western civilization from a decidedly secular, atheistic perspective. I learned a couple of valuable things in that process. First off, far more valuable then knowing “how” to survive, is your attitude, making sure you are building a world people would actually “want to” survive in.

Survival is not just about staying alive, it’s also about actually wanting to live, and having something to live for. I’d say probably 95% of survival is about being fully motivated to stay alive. Much of it has to do with the will of God too, His sovereignty, I’m just saying being “prepared” is the smallest part of the equation. We people are simply not omnipotent, therefore you can’t prepare for every potential scenario anyway.

In two completely unrelated incidents this past week a couple of suvivalists I know have recently committed suicide…

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  1. I’ll have to read your solution to the Bible contradiction when I wake up!


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