Does the Religious Right Even Write Poetry?

See, there's this thing called biology...

Does the religious right even write poetry? Asking for a fellow blogger who suggests that, No, they do not write poetry because one cannot make poetry out of sheer vitriol.

Bahahah! Oh ouch, methinks she nailed it. Chuckling here because one of the definitions of “vitriol” is, “sulphuric acid, or one of many of its compounds, which in certain states have a glassy appearance.”

I used to call a lot of people within Western Christianity, “the beautiful people.” It wasn’t a compliment, it meant the cup was all shiny on the outside, but the inside was just a glassy acid of pure vitriol.

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So I refer you to Aaron Renn’s article at First Things called, “THE THREE WORLDS OF EVANGELICALISM.” It is about the shifts in our culture, the culture wars and culture warriors, and…

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