Investigating the Pace of Evolution


Here’s an evolutionary article from Brock News claiming that the pace of evolution is faster than evolutionists thought. I’ve commented on similar articles and thought I’d see if there’s anything new.

The traditional view of evolution tells us that evolution occurs slowly, over millions of years. It happens so slowly, that, in our human lifetime, we’ll never observe it. Supposedly, no human existed when invertebrates evolved into vertebrates, or fish evolved into amphibians, etc. However, now that humans exist and can record history, we don’t see evolution happening.

This would appear to be a problem for evolution. After all, if evolutionists want us to believe in evolution, but we can’t observe it, then how do we know it actually happens? By blind faith?

Well, evolutionists have changed their tune. Today, evolution happens rapidly, faster than previously believed. In fact it happens so fast, there’s no excuse NOT to believe in…

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