What Are The Odds Life Originated On Its Own?


So, what are the chances of life originating on its own by naturalistic processes? This is a great question, and I’ve asked evolutionists variations of this question for years, but have failed to receive anything but evasive answers and hand-waving, if not outright derision. And that’s because the origin of life is a thorn in the side for evolutionists. There is no evidence suggesting life can or did originate on its own, yet they’re required to believe- based on their worldview- that, ‘given enough time’, anything can happen.

Fortunately, not all scientists agree with that philosophy. In an interview with physicist Eric Hedin, Editor Jennifer Kabbany discusses the origin of life issue in an article appearing in The College Fix.

Hedin was asked the question, “Do people who have not studied this issue in depth truly understand the mathematical enormity of the fine-tuning argument? It’s not just ‘the chances…

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