The Days of ‘Junk DNA’ Are Over


Here are two related articles that do more to debunk evolution rather than support it.

Although the intent of the articles are meant to advance evolutionary theory, they do more to damage it by shedding light on the incorrect assumptions behind evolution.

The first article from Evolution News tells us that “The days of ‘Junk DNA’ are over”. From a creationist perspective, this is really great news! Well, actually, it’s really old news. Creationists have been proclaiming the functionality of these non-coding areas of DNA for years and touting their importance to science and biology.

The problem is that scientists wanted to believe this DNA was leftover material from our evolutionary past and had no function at all. Some predicted that one day we’d be able to use genetic engineering to strip the “junk DNA” from our genome. How’s that for inhibiting the advancement of science? Popular evolutionists would…

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