669: Decentralize The Power Grid

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I find myself constantly diverted, as I travel the backroads and byways throughout the state of Wisconsin, by observing the decaying architecture and forgotten remnants of a world that no longer exists. Small town movie theaters with marquees that now advertise auto parts, barns collapsing into rubble, tobacco sheds which seem unlikely to survive the next thunderstorm, dams which once provided power to local mills. Mills which now sit idle.

Mill pond near La Valle Wisconsin

The juxtaposition between the derelict mills and a new arrival to the local scenery is quite stark. Increasingly, modern windmills and solar farms are popping up throughout the state.

The old mills, powered by hydro power, were fixtures in the community. They provided both goods and employment to the surrounding area. The economic benefit which they provided was so significant that towns often sprang up around them. Many of these towns still exist in…

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Dumbest Blog Ever

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