Religion and Faith in Science


In my last post I tackled the issue of belief vs. acceptance in science, and now I’m following-up with a series on religion and faith in science.

A large number of mainstream atheists, professors and scientists are openly hostile to religion, and they don’t want it creeping into science. As I’ve pointed out before, faith, to these people, is the antithesis of science. Faith implies religion. So they demand that faith and religion be kept separate from science at all costs.

Case in point is the atheist biologist, Jerry Coyne, who states, “Science and faith are fundamentally incompatible, and for precisely the same reason that irrationality and rationality are incompatible. They are different forms of inquiry, with only one, science, equipped to find real truth. . . . Science helps religion only by disproving its claims, while religion has nothing to add to science.”

So we can see the open…

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