Belief vs. Acceptance


Oftentimes when I’m debating or discussing evolution and creation, it doesn’t take long before definitions and terms are laid out, and then we delve into semantics. During a recent dialogue with several evolutionists we discussed what role belief has to do with science, and I found it to be an intriguing, learning experience.

Actually, this topic comes up on a routine basis when discussing creation and evolution, so I thought it deserved a blog post of its own. Here I’ll provide a critique and outline some criticisms.

One evolutionist claimed that young earth creationists (YEC) have a problem with distant starlight. As a YEC myself, I pointed out that it’s actually not a problem based on current cosmological models, but, instead, evolutionists have scientific problems of their own- like abiogenesis, which is an insurmountable hurdle. Another evolutionist asked me a curious question… he asked why abiogenesis would be an insurmountable…

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