Tent Pegs and Sugar Overload

See, there's this thing called biology...

You ever have too much sugar? You go for that bowl of ice cream right before bed and all that toxic goodness just hits your blood sugar hard and you lay their with your heart racing unable to sleep, knowing full well the crash is coming and you’ll probably have a migraine in the morning?

Just me??

I feel that way emotionally and spiritually right now, like I’ve just had wayyy too much sugar and now I have a spiritual blood sugar hangover.

So my local newspaper featured an article on the oldest church in the area. It’s the same article they feature every darn year. Also, it isn’t true. It’s really the third oldest church in the area, but I digress. The point is they are the wokest church in the area, so woke the pastor and his husband brag about how they are so inclusive and tolerant, a…

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