Empathy, Courage, and Good Science?

See, there's this thing called biology...

So, I’m busy trying to speak the precise opposite into the world, the reverse of everything I see going on around me. I honestly just want to scream and tear my hair out when I hear religious leaders carrying on about the alleged ”sin of empathy” and the horrors of too much forgiveness. This is totally anti-christ. This violates everything Jesus taught us. Good grief, it’s vile.

Then I turn away and walk right into the secular world of Scientism. Gah, this is so against everything science teaches, this is like the epitome of all anti-science. There is nothing even resembling science to be found anywhere here. Ack!

My brain is a little bit attached to things making sense. I do have powerful logic component tucked in there somewhere. Check on your friends with personalities like mine peeps, we are not okay. The world has gone mad, mad I tell…

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