The Bone of Contention

See, there's this thing called biology...

“A person’s character matters far more than their anointing.”

Ah ha! I have solved a riddle, found the bone of contention. No offense to the person who wrote the above quote, in fact, I’m quite grateful for it. It is a puzzle piece I needed.

That’s the world. The world is just obsessed with character, reputation, background checks, references. The world thinks “character” is everything. Sometimes people have told me they can’t support President Trump because of his alleged “character,” and I’ve just been left scratching my head! I’ve heard the same thing about many pastors, book authors, neighbors, etc, etc.

I’m a girl from the wrong side of the tracks. I have little or no use for this “character” thing. In fact, I don’t even know what that is! Also, I’m a bit jaded. I’ve earned my right to sneer at the whole idea of “character.” Did you know…

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