Proverbs and Free Markets

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This is part 2 of our series on Biblical Economics.

Proverbs and Free Markets

Selected Verse

An observation: According to Ronald Nash: “Almost without exception, the major evangelical books about social justice that have appeared since 1960s have been authored by writers who reject and condemn political conservatism as a cruel, heartless and uncaring movement totally out of step with an informed political view.” [1]

This leads to two questions: Is Capitalism, as one of the things that Conservative Christians cherished, unbiblical?  Does a free market economics enjoy biblical support?

Purpose: Today we will explore the teachings in the book of Proverbs and how the blueprint for economics God offered is one we call Capitalism.

  • Capitalism is Biblical since the Bible prohibit these means of acquiring goods and services:
    • Coercion (violence)
    • Fraud
    • Monopoly and statist interference
  • Capitalism is Biblical since the Bible permit these means of acquiring goods and services:

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