Child Sexual Abuse and the Clown from Queens?

See, there's this thing called biology...

Big child sexual abuse bust in Ohio, one of many across the nation.President Trump has done more to turn up the heat on organized crime, on child sexual abuse andon stopping the flow of drugsthan anyone else I’ve ever seen. I don’t write about it a lot but I sure do read those reports, one right after another, and I am so grateful, such a deep breath of relief, so pleased we finally have someone with the political will to address these things.

I’ve been unable to explain why I feel more connected to President Trump, better able to relate to him than say, John Piper, Doug Wilson, Beth Moore, Tim Keller, Karen Swallow Prior, etc, etc. By the way, none of these evangelical people supported Trump in 2016 and it really bothered me as to why.

Part of what bothered me was that I realized I…

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