A Hill of Beans

See, there's this thing called biology...

I don’t know who needs to hear this, probably me, but here’s the deal, you cannot disappoint God, you can not let Him down. He knows us too well, He knows our beginning and our end. You can’t earn more of His love by doing what He wants, nor are you at risk of being fired and cast out if you mess it all up.

We can disappoint our own selves, disappoint others, and we can grieve the Holy Spirit. But we cannot let down, fail, disappoint, or betray God Himself. He can see us coming five years ahead of time. Disappointment is a failed expectation. God is not caught of guard, He is not surprised by us. He does not fail. We lack the power to offend Him or to thwart His plans.

People often don’t like to hear that truth, people like to try to use religion as…

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