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This week one of my cousins sent me a message on Facebook, commenting that I have been quiet lately and asking if everything is all right. I waited a couple of days, then replied to her message, saying that I have been spending little time on Facebook recently. I proceeded to suggest that avoiding Facebook was good for my blood pressure.

I was tempted to go on to say that avoiding Facebook is also good for handling anxiety and depression and maintaining sobriety, but I didn’t want to concern her.

Actually, I have been lurking on Facebook, just not posting or commenting or even liking posts. When I feel my patience dwindling, I quickly turn off Facebook and visit somewhere else. Another of my cousins posted a link to the news story about the five hundred children from Mexico who were taken to the US border and left unclaimed; their…

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  1. I dropped my presence on Facebook several years ago. The last few Saturdays, I have been using some of the time I redeemed by leaving that alone by volunteering for the Faith and Freedom Coalition and the Trump campaign by knocking on doors of likely conservative voters. The purpose, ostensibly is to encourage people who believe in the country and the Constitution as traditionally interpreted to get out and cast their ballots in this important election. That rambling introduction is really just leading up to the observation is that I am the one who is ending up encouraged. Most that I talk to are passionate about protecting our God-given rights and are not about to let the opportunity pass to have their say about it.

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    • Thank you for your door knocking. I’ve read articles (from both ends of the spectrum) speculating that such activity may well decide this election (and in a way contrary to the polls). J.

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