The Fine-Tuning of Molecular Machines


Evolutionists have long sought to discredit opposing views, shutting them down in public schools, colleges, and science journals. In public schools, for example, dissent was blocked in the Dover vs. Kitzmiller trial, where the court prohibited the teaching of Intelligent Design (ID). This amounted to censorship. However, occasionally, opposing voices have won, and that recently happened in the science journal, Science Direct.

Whenever the topic of evolution vs. creation and intelligent design are discussed, one popular talking point espoused by evolutionists is the belief that creation and ID cannot be valid forms of science because their ideas aren’t published in science journals. This claim is both false and deceptive because creationists and ID proponents are published in peer reviewed journals frequently; the real issue is that they typically have to publish their work within their own circles due to overt discrimination by evolutionists, who refuse to publish ID or creationist…

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