Criminalized in a Culture of Life?

See, there's this thing called biology...

So, apparently I need to snatch up yet another opportunity to win friends and influence people with my deep cynicism and darkly jaded views.

A lot of Christians are getting all excited about the Supreme Court, the possibility of over turning Roe v Wade, and the idea of having a prolife President. I actually envy their innocence, their naivete, and sometimes I even just close my eyes and pretend, and just let that sweetness fill the room.

I have far too many dark memories. Too much of the world’s truth has been inflicted on me, and so to believe we can just pass a law banning abortion and call ourselves “prolife,” rings hollow. It’s a lie, a deception. It’s like self identifying as “prolife” when in fact we are nothing of the sort.

We’ve still done little or nothing to end child sexual abuse, and that devaluing of a child’s…

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