348: Vote. (But Do Your Homework First)

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A few years ago I had a discussion with an individual who was campaigning for a seat in the Minnesota state senate. Something seemed a little off, so I googled her.

Sharon Anderson, (sometimes Scarrella,) has been running in almost every election since the 1970s for a number of different offices. In 1994 she was kicked off the ballot as a candidate for the Minnesota Supreme court because she did not meet the qualifications for the position. In 1988 her home in St. Paul was foreclosed on after she failed to pay taxes on it.

I’ve never been able to understand her rational, but Sharon sees the loss of her home as some sort of deep seated evidence for government corruption.

One would think that a fringe candidate like Sharon Anderson would never find success, but if you run enough campaigns the odds are that at one time or another…

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