Through the Narrow: People Honor Me with Their Lips – By Tami Dykes

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People honor Me with their lips,  but their heart is far from Me

What do Mark Batterson, Nancy DeMoss, and Priscilla Shirer have in common?

They have all taught people to draw circles, stand inside and pray for something. Now, I’m not going to rehash all the articles about circle making because I believe the word has gotten out about how very unbiblical Circle Making is, so your welcome. The fad wore off soon after true biblical brothers and sisters started addressing the subject.

Just to quickly recap for those that may not have ever heard of Circle Making, it’s the practice of many Christians by making a circle on the ground by drawing it in the dirt or using tape or whatever and then stand inside the circle and ask God for something.

I mentioned above 3 people that have held teaching on Circle Making and I would like…

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  1. Good one, Clyde! So I know all about witchcraft, satanism, and circle drawing. I had no idea there were any Christians into that sort of thing! It bothers me so much that I was really horrified when our local secular authorities started drawing covid circles on the ground that we are supposed to stand in. No, just no!

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