The New Woke Religion

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Folks I’ve been writing about social justice for months now. I know some of you are probably sick of it. But I want you to listen to me one more time. What we are watching is not just the polarization of a nation into two nations with little to nothing in common besides a language. It’s more than that. It is the formation of a new religion: the religion of woke and it is winning converts from Christianity.

Let me document what I mean. Some of you may pay attention to a formerly popular sports league known as the NFL. You might have noticed it has gone very hard core woke in the last few weeks, to the point of writing names of “victims of police brutality” (mainly hardened felons who either killed themselves, or attacked police and got shot) on their uniforms. However, it has not gone woke enough…

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  1. This wokeanity is scary and unbiblical

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