Searching for the Origin of Life


One of the biggest blows to evolution is abiogenesis, or the origin of life. How did life begin, and where did we come from? Life doesn’t just happen. Or does it?

Many people believe in God (and a great number of religions), and, therefore, believe life and humans were intentionally created for a reason. But others reject religion and anything spiritual in favor of a secular, naturalistic approach, and, therefore, they believe life spontaneously appeared, accidently, from non-living material. Sure, people can believe various combinations of these, but it basically boils down to one of two possibilities: either we’re here on purpose, or we’re nothing more than a cosmic accident.

The problem with the secular, naturalistic approach is enormous… there’s no evidence that life could spontaneously begin.

At one time people believed life could spontaneously generate from non-life. In fact, if you left out some rags containing cheese, they would…

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