When Nazis Secretly Live in Your Trees

See, there's this thing called biology...

A few years back some local politicians, mayors, city managers, what have you, began posting things on social media that made me sound like a Canadian, as in I pulled back and said, “‘Eh?!”

Say wut?

Things like “fascists are secretly meeting and planning to invade the area, so support me if you want preserve your way of life. We must fight the Nazis!” Imagine my vast surprise when I found myself getting lumped into that category, a racist, fascist, Very Bad Deplorable. I stopped going to city council meetings, I stopped trying to fight politically. The truth is, you can’t reason with false hatred, with blind ideology. I wasn’t a person anymore, I was a caricature of the enemy, a troll, a thing to be hated and feared.

This is a tiny town, I’ve been here for some 40 years now off and on, so I know a fair…

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