Responding to the pandemic

Here is something I read on Facebook.

Responding to the pandemic

by Levi Smith

They make churches shut down, but allow casinos and drive-thru strip clubs to stay open.

They tell Christians they can’t have in-home Bible studies, but they allow thousands to protest.

They tell Christians not to sing while at church, but they allow people to chant and march.

They say church-goers add to the spread of a pandemic, but giant, riotous mobs are immune.

They are literally threatening to turn off the power to the John McArthur’s church, but they keep the lights on in the slaughter house of Planned Parenthood.

America needs the Gospel. America needs men and women with backbones. America needs Christians who will take a stand and only kneel for Christ. America needs YOU to take up your cross and follow Jesus! Being a good ‘ol boy isn’t good enough. Be a godly man! Be a godly woman! Repent. Get clean. Be filled with the Spirit of the Living God!! Saddle up!! Let’s go!!!! Get your tush off the bench and GET. IN. THE. GAAAAAMMMMEE!!! You chillin’ in that pew ain’t doing nothing for eternity.

Put yo’ preferences down and pick your Sword up! Get in the fray! Press on! The battle is the Lord’s! Press toward the mark! Keep going! Keep fighting! We’re almost home, baby!!!! I can see the flags of home wavin’! I can hear the song of victory and the chants of the redeemed!!

Though no one join me, still I will follow.
The Cross before me — the world behind me.
My cross I’ll carry ‘til I see Jesus.

I have decided to follow Jesus.


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