Broken people

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Broken people

by Joshua Arnold

We are fallen people, and there is a lot of brokenness in us that the world can do nothing about and nothing with. There are things that are broken about each person that are of no advantage to a person in the world. The world will turn you away and shun you if certain things are off about you. You’ll become a throw-away in the world’s eyes, a misfit, an outcast, an example of what not to be like, all because they don’t know what to do with a brokenness like yours.

But God loves to receive broken people. He delights in taking a broken person and doing mighty things with them to His glory. He loves to take someone the world throws away, and He raises them up to glorious heights as He works mightily through them to accomplish spiritual things that the greatest natural men in the world can’t do. His power is more clearly seen in our weakness.

If you are broken according to the world’s standards, but you are in Christ, you are not at a disadvantage in this world. You have the advantage over the rich and very able men of the world who are without Christ. Your brokenness is no hindrance to doing God’s mighty will. Those things about you that the world disqualifies you for are the things that qualify you to come to God through Jesus Christ. Go to God with those things you want to hide from everyone else, present them to Him and find sympathy with Him.

Confess to Him that you are aware of your utter helplessness and weakness, and ask Him to do mighty things with your brokenness for His glory.

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  1. I love this post! Thank you so much for writing it and sharing it.

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