Premature judgment

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Premature judgment

by Emily Thomes

We now have the evidence to say with confidence that #ahmaudarbery was killed by a racist man. His death is no more tragic, but the sin of his killer is even greater. I am praying for justice and comfort for his loved ones and repentance for the murderers.

What troubles me about the church is this attitude, now that we have concrete evidence, of “Can we FINALLY call it racism now?” and the like. Church, why would we pronounce judgment before we have evidence to support something? Don’t the proverbs talk about this very thing? We could call it murder, and we did, but just like with #georgefloyd, if we’re without concrete evidence for a sin, we don’t have a license to make that judgment. We set ourselves up to be guilty of bearing false witness— and that’s true even if the guy deserves a lot worse than a false accusation and even if there’s a real problem, like racism, prevalent in our country. I’m saying this now because I, too, jumped the gun and spoke before I knew. I should’ve waited until I had this very evidence.

So what should the church do? Wait to pronounce guilt if we don’t know it with certainty. Pray for clarity for those involved. Comfort those hurting; pray that God would use this tragedy as a means of grace to save and edify His people despite it. Ultimately trust God, the only one able to know the unsaid things of a man’s heart, and wait on answers and His justice. This doesn’t mean we can’t protest civilly, use the means given to us to bring about change (that aren’t sinful), etc. But we don’t get a pass to sin, even in the wake of a really horrible event. Sin is never just against a man. You may feel good and right sinning against a murderer; but slander is a sin against God, too. Let us consider that, if we fear God.

* If I could turn off the comments, I would. I’m unlikely to respond on this one. I felt it was worth it to put these thoughts out there in hopes that others may be slower on the jump.

* to the “I hear your silence” crowd, being silent when you’re not positive is better than sinning in being wrong. It’s better to wait. Pronounce all you can see plainly but wait to go beyond that.

“Spouting off before listening to the facts is both shameful and foolish.” – Proverbs 18:13

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  1. Solidarity in support of justice and equal rights is laudable. But these protests have, also, caused great harm. I fear there are those whose motives for participating are far less than pure. Philadelphia (a broken city to begin w/) has been decimated. Violence has an intoxication all its own. It only breeds more violence.

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