How to tell you’re in an election year via Facebook

Here is something I read on Facebook.

How to tell you’re in an election year via Facebook

by Candace Owens

How to tell you’re in an election year via Facebook:

1. Everyone on your Facebook feed has apparently received their PHD in political science, overnight.

2. Posts have transformed from majority engagement announcements, wedding photos, and baby pictures—to black vs. white racial commentary.

2A. You’re wondering if Asian and bi-racial people still exist in this country, but you’re scared to ask.

3. Almost every person begins their political post with “I don’t normally talk about politics or “Usually I refrain from posting about politics” in a miraculous way to virtue-signal, right before they virtue signal.

4. And you vaguely remember them always posting about politics…

5. Usually their post ends with a highly mature, rational conclusion like “you can unfriend me if you disagree”. Followed by a series of thunderous emoji applause, 👏👏👏“preachhhh” or “amen” 🙌🙌🙌 in the comments section from other mature and rational human beings who know it’s best to isolate yourself completely from the risk of being exposed to different opinions.

6. White liberals jump at the opportunity to show their Facebook friends how not-racist they are, by authoring posts with the most fury and passion.

7. These posts typically include some tail-in-between-the-legs, self-deprecating call to action like “WE NEED TO JUST SHUT UP AND LISTEN” or a more sweeping, foregone conclusion like “WE WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND OUR OWN PRIVILEGE”

8. If a black person comments to said white person that they disagree— said white person will immediately tell that black person to shut up because #YOUAINTBLACK

9. White moderates or conservatives that disagree with the 1865 racial narrative must shut up and say nothing or be immediately accused of being racist themselves. In fact, even “liking” a post in support of a slightly different perspective can equate to a public declaration of their allegiance to the Ku Klux Klan. JUST DON’T DO IT, WHITE PEOPLE.

10. 99% of the people making these racially-charged posts are the low-achievers you went to high school with, maybe played a sport with, and definitely remember well-enough to know that they didn’t grow up in any kind of racially conflicted environment.

11. But hey! It’s an election cycle. Everyone wants to be a hero on social media, and no one ever earned the glory of a social media like by being rational. Plus, it’ll all be over after November when we can go back to babies and engagements.

Happy election year, people! (Oh, and if you disagree with any of this, you can hit the unfriend button!) 😂😂😂

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  1. If only an election could actually solve our problems. The real answer is Christ. ❤

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