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by Levi Smith

I walked out of Food Lion yesterday and met a black man.

I was putting my cart away when he strolled up to put his away. He had a mask on. I didn’t. He was older. I was younger. He was black. I was white.

I nodded my head in respect as I usual do, and the Holy Spirit prodded my heart to share more than a head nod. I told him, “I’m about to say something that might sound strange.” He turned and looked at me.

I looked him in the eye and simply said, “I want you to know that I love you.” You know what he said to me?????

“I love you, too.”

His smile was covered by a mask, but his eyes softened and gleamed. His head shook slowly side to side as he looked for words to express how he was feeling about what was happening in the world.

I told him that if our culture was going to keep race in front of our face, then we should hit it straight on. We stood there and spoke like long lost friends for a while. We spoke about family, music, church and Jesus. He, too, is a Christian. He, too, is a music leader. He, too, is a human.

His skin doesn’t make him any less or any more. My skin doesn’t make me any less or any more. Racism is the most uniquely effective tool in the arsenal of Satan and evil men.

If Satan can keep men believing that other men are inferior , the Gospel won’t spread as quickly because it isn’t getting to “every creature.” If evil men (of all ethnicities) can keep stoking the fires of racism, their worlds remain exclusively the same and they retain power.

Christ died for the whole. entire. world. His blood was shed for the sins of that black man and that white man who met in the Food Lion parking lot. He died for Mr. Floyd. He died for the officer who killed Mr. Floyd. He died for the news agencies who shamefully molest these tragedies for ratings. He died for the godless politicians who pervert these atrocities for political gain. He died for the people destroying, rioting and stealing. He died for you, the person reading this post.

You have a choice today: keep staying wrapped up in your American fantasy. Keep the Gospel for you and your kids. Keep turning a blind eye to the pain of this world. Keep not caring about injustice and souls dying without Christ. Reject a truly innocent man (Jesus) Who purposefully laid down His life for you.

OR, step out of your comfort zone. Give the Gospel freely and liberally. Stare the pain of the world in the face and introduce it to the Healer, Jesus. Care about injustice and souls dying without Christ. Accept that innocent man (Jesus) Who paid your sin debt and rose again.

Red. Yellow. Black. White. All are precious in God’s sight. The kids know it. It’s about time “adults” acted like it.

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