The victim mentality

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The victim mentality

by Joshua Arnold

The victim mentality is entirely unsuitable for Christians. It should be unthinkable to go on with life playing the victim card at every turn when we have such glorious promises from God that are completely to the contrary. This doesn’t mean we won’t be the victim of some wrong doing or disease or anything else, it just means that we have no business counting ourselves as helpless victims.

All things work together for our good (Romans 8:28). Because of what Christ has done, there is no such thing as defeat in our lives. You will never know what ultimate defeat is again. Your senses and feeble mind may deceive you into thinking you’ve been defeated, but in due time, when it pleases our kind Master, you’ll see otherwise.

There is only victory at every turn, in every step, over every hurdle, even at every stumble, in every fall, through every valley, and during every dark and cold season. Even our very sins of every Christian draws them nearer to God in His timing, by His grace, when the Holy Spirit is pleased to moves us to run to Him for forgiveness and comfort.

Illness and poverty wean us from this world, and draw us nearer to Him. Insults for Christ’s sake only reassure us of whom we belong to. Being rejected by the world for Christ’s sake only reveals to us more clearly that we are citizens of another world. Being stolen from brings us opportunity to rely on Him for provision, and to be more like Him when we forgive and bless the thieves. Even death itself brings us to His presence, face to face with our glorious Savior and best friend, the one whom our soul loves so dearly.

There is not a single area of our lives that we are victims in. Even the Devil who seeks to victimize us every waking moment is used for our benefit.

We are not victims. We aren’t even merely conquerors. We are more than conquerors (Romans 8:37), because we don’t just have victory over afflictions and death, we are blessed in and by them.

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