Friendly Reminders

Here is something I read on Facebook.

Friendly Reminders

by Levi Smith

Friendly Reminders during This Time:

1. Just because people listen to their God-ordained authority doesn’t mean they are rolling over and giving up their liberties. It might mean they are being respectful and biblical.

2. Just because people are protesting and voicing their opinion does not mean they are riotous and rebellious. It might mean they just want to express their freedom differently.

3. Just because a preacher posts it, doesn’t mean it’s Gospel. Preachers get deceived to. (Btw, be careful of “preachers who never post Scripture with their opinions)

4. Just because someone isn’t a doctor or immunologist doesn’t mean they should stay quiet or not have a voice on health issues. Human health is a universal task. Stop whipping people ‘cause they don’t have a degree.

5. Just because someone poses as a doctor doesn’t mean they have true wellbeing in mind. You can’t see the money and politics behind every move.

6. Just because some churches open doesn’t mean their pastors are hasty and silly. It is hasty and silly to assert such.

7. Just because some churches stay closed a little longer or cancel evening services doesn’t mean they are “removing their hands from the plow and looking back.” We are removing our hand when we stop to judge a brother.

8. Parents hold final authority in their kid(s)’ lives. Adults hold final authority over their own lives. Not government. Not social media crusaders.

9. We should dust up on every Pauline epistle. You know, when God says stay away from strife, debate, endless questions, vain-glory, self-adulation, pride and fruitless conversations.

So many people (especially Christians) are forgetting the stumbling block principle of Romans 14.

All things are lawful, but not all things are expedient.

Be more about the Gospel than you are your opinion on Fauci, Kapernick, Target and the Deep State.

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