When Jesus rejoiced

Here is something I read on Facebook.

When Jesus rejoiced

by Joshua Agan

A couple of weeks ago, I learned something interesting in Scripture.

Did you know that Scripture says only one time that “Jesus rejoiced” about something?

Only once do we ever read that.
It caught my attention, and I wanted to know what caused Jesus to rejoice.

“In that hour Jesus rejoiced in spirit, and said,
I thank thee, O Father,
Lord of heaven and earth,
that thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent,
and hast revealed them unto babes:
even so, Father;
for so it seemed good in thy sight.”
(Luke 10:21 KJV)

That hit me.
I’ve always prided myself on what I know. I was huge into politics, science—anything that could be debated. (And I’ll still get caught up in a debate now and then.) But I studied, I learned, and I prided myself in knowledge and “wisdom” by some standard or another.

And I had a whole heap of Bible KNOWLEDGE, but I was coming up pretty short on Scriptural understanding. I enjoyed spewing my knowledge to anyone who would listen to my smarts, but no matter how much more I learned, I kept coming up short on the experiential understanding of what I seemed to “know.”

Jesus rejoiced in that.
He didn’t come to give prideful wise guys more smarts; He came to give Life and Truth to those who are genuinely hungry for it.

It joyed our Savior that the arrogant wise guys totally missed it. He rejoiced that they were LITERALLY “too smart for their own good” and that—until they could humble their prideful selves—they would continue to miss it.

It joyed our Savior that the babes—those who were “unlearned, dumb, and foolish” to the world—were understanding His Truth. And those babes could run circles around me with their simple understanding of God’s Truth. All my knowledge was useless because of my pride.

God resists the proud, and gives grace to the humble.

God has been using some unexpected sources to help me understand things that I’ve always seemed to “know,” but was always too proud to receive.

God is good 

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  1. Also seen on Facebook (posted by a snarky atheist): “RELIGION – making stupid people feel important for 5,000 years!”
    Something tells me he’s in for a surprise one of these days.

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