Our wonderful savior

Here is something I read on Facebook.

Our wonderful savior

by Joshua Arnold

What a wonderful Savior we have in the risen Lord Jesus Christ.

He is a Savior who is humble and lowly in heart. He is an accessible Savior. He is most approachable. He is the most understanding person in the entire universe, and He understands His people’s weaknesses and struggles. His enemies got it right when they called Him a “friend of sinners” (Matthew 11:19). Jesus Christ is love itself clothed in flesh.

His compassion for His people is beyond what they have ever experienced. He is more eager and pleased to comfort His people than they are to come to Him for comfort. Christ has more joy in being merciful than you have joy in receiving it. You can compare it to a parent who has more joy in their child recovering from an illness than they have joy of their own recovering from an illness. A loving parent always has more joy and comfort in seeing their child healed than they do for the healing of themselves.

Jesus counts His people’s suffering as His own. When He spoke to Paul on the road to Damascus, He asked Paul why he was persecuting Him. He took the persecution of His people as if it was directly to Himself. And He takes the burdens and pains of His people in the same way.

When members of His body come to Him for pardon and healing and strength, He is joyed. He is eager to do it, and does it with a full heart of gladness. So come to Him, all who are so worn out from this wretched life, all who are tired of the heavy burden of temptations, all who find themselves laboring in their own strength.

Do not disqualify yourself from coming to Christ by waiting until you have it all together. You’ll never come to Him if you wait for that, and besides, He doesn’t heal those who are whole anyway. It is your ailments, your wretchedness, your sins, your weakness, your burdens, your not having it all together that qualifies you to come to Him with empty hands and a broken heart. His heart is full, and His hands are mighty to save.

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