How the world should see Christians

Here is something I read on Facebook.

How the world should see Christians

by Joshua Arnold

Only Jesus Christ can provide peace and rest during this time, with the world in the situation it’s in, and if Christians won’t boldly and gladly throw themselves upon the Lord for the whole world to see, then we should never expect anyone from the world to get the impression that we believe He is as sufficient, wonderful, gracious, and faithful as He truly is.

The world should look at us, and think there’s something wrong with us for resting our souls during a time like this. It should be strange to them. They should be asking themselves “Why are they not panicking, as if they have it all together, and have been through this before? What fools they are.”

Of course we haven’t been through anything like this in our lifetimes. And of course we don’t have it all together. But we have a God that has brought His people through things much worse than this. We have a God who holds all things together. We have a hope that is greater than this trouble, and when comparing this trouble with the joy that we are guaranteed to come into for all eternity, it’s not even worth putting side by side to compare.

We take the necessary precautions to stay healthy, and we do so out of respect for the gift of life that God has given us, and out of love for our neighbor. We do not treat this thing as a light thing, as if people aren’t dying all alone in hospitals, never being able to see their family on their death bed, because of the quarantine restrictions. We go through this with our minds up in Heaven, and our feet on the Earth. Whether the Lord calls us home or has us staying here, we glorify Him, and show the world that our Savior Jesus Christ is so much greater than all the comforts on Earth combined.

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