The Christian is different

Here is something I read on Facebook.

The Christian is different

by Joshua Arnold

The Christian is unlike any other person on the planet. They have had the most profound experience that any human being can possibly have in this fallen world. They have been born again (John 3:3), born from above, reconciled to God, given the Holy Spirit, new eyes to see, new ears to hear, a new heart to love God and His people, and they have been given eternal life because of Jesus Christ.

The Christian isn’t an improved person, they are a completely changed person. Their natural gifts, abilities, personality and all their quirks remain with them, but they are a different creature at their core.

The Christian isn’t a strong person, they are someone who has been given the light and strength to realize that they are weak and needy. They know their own frailty, and unlike the world, they rejoice that they know they are weak, because with this understanding of their own frailty, they are moved to avoid certain things, and to cleave to the Holy One. The unregenerate man thinks of himself as rich in spirit, and so he cannot stand thinking of himself as weak and needy, he despises and refuses it, and gladly carries himself away with many delusions that tell him he is self-sufficient.

Although the Christian does not completely do away with sinning before glory, they cannot sin like the unbeliever does. They cannot adore it, because their new heart with new affections won’t let them. They may backslide, and appear for a while to be like a person of the world in several ways, but God will not let them go on long without being vexed and pierced, and cast down. God will hound them until He turns them back. Jesus Christ gave His life for them, and gave new life to them.

The Christian is a sufferer for Christ, but that’s not all. Many unregenerate men and women may reluctantly suffer for a time for Christ, but the genuine Christian is someone who thinks it is worth while to suffer for Christ. It is their delight to be counted worthy to suffer for the Most High God. The Christian is unlike any other person of the whole wide world, all because of and for the glory of God, Amen.

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