The Democratic Party

Here is something I read on Facebook.

The Democratic Party

by Kaeley Triller Harms

It’s no secret that I’m a pretty terrible Republican.

I don’t think Trump hung the moon, I won’t be caught dead in a MAGA hat, I believe true feminism needs a swift revival, and while I love my country, I don’t think we’re better than everybody else. We’ve got lots of work to do.

That said, I cannot, for the life of me, seem to understand why thinking people in Washington would continue to vote for the party that:

*bans straws while distributing free meth pipes

*Cancels Christmas carolers while welcoming Satanic rituals at the Capitol

* Abandons veterans while granting tax-payer funded cross-sex hormones to gender dysphoric undocumented immigrants

* Fights for “consent education” while stripping all females of the right to say “no” to men in their gym showers

* Cries #MeToo while championing “sex work” and library access to pornography

* Pretends to be the party of “women’s rights” while refusing to accurately define the women they claim to be defending

* Opposes “conversion therapy” while using tax payer funds to physically convert troubled teenage girls’ bodies via elective double mastectomies

* Claims to be protecting kids from sexual harm while administering age-inappropriate mandatory lessons about mutual masturbation or body fluid play

* Fights for stricter gun laws while refusing to enforce the ones we already have.

* Preaches tolerance and diversity while punishing people for using accurate pronouns or expressing beliefs that don’t align with theirs.

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  1. Exactly!!!!!!

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  2. None so blind as those that refuse to see, nor as deaf as they that ignore critical voices.

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