Feeding the sheep

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Feeding the sheep

by Joshua Agan

Have you ever watched a shepherd feed his lambs?

It’s a remarkably strange sight to see:
• He does not sit down on their level and feed them by hand like a human mother feeds her toddler.
• He does not pre-chew and partially digest the food to regurgitate into their mouths like a mama birth feeds her chicks.
• He does not even drag the baby lambs to their mother’s side for the necessary milk.

Rather, the shepherd leads them by the still waters, and makes them to lie down in green pastures. It is here that the lambs will feast freely on the lush grass, and the baby lambs will—on their own—know how to drink the milk from their mothers.

This picture really should not seem strange, but if we compare it to how many sheep today expect to be fed by their shepherds (and how many shepherds proceed to feed the flock of God), these two pictures do not match.

When Jesus instructed Peter to “feed my lambs,” He was not instructing teachers and pastors to hand-feed congregations, pre-chew the truth so it can be regurgitated into their lives, or even drag people to the source of sustenance.

The best cleric shepherds are those most like the Good Shepherd—ones who lead the flock to still waters and green pastures and let them feast freely on the good bounty God has already provided. It’s up to the lambs whether or not they will actually eat of the provision.

1) Are you led to good pastures, or are the pastures in which you feed barren and sparse?

2) Are you hand-fed what the shepherd wants you to eat, or are you allowed to feast freely on all God has provided?

3) Are you given only bite-sized nuggets, pre-cut, pre-packaged, partially digested so that you don’t question what is in the mush you’re being fed?

4) If you are led to good pastures, are you freely eating what God has provided, or are you waiting for someone to do all that work for you?

To the shepherds: “feed My lambs.”
To the sheep: follow the Good Shepherd into green pastures and eat freely of all He provides. Beware of any who lead you elsewhere.

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