Sex education

Here is something I read on Facebook.  This is something you should be concerned about even if you don’t live in the state of Washington.

Sex education

by Kaeley Triller Harms

My post about the mandatory sex-ed bill in WA got shared a bunch of times yesterday. Some of you who shared it are getting bombarded with the typical disbelieving pushback from a lot of your friends:

* “You’re being over dramatic; it’s not nearly as bad as you’re making it sound.”

* “The bill doesn’t say anything about making porn available to kids. You’re making that up.”

* “Parents can opt out; what’s the big deal?”

A few clarifying points in response:

1. Before this bill, school districts had the freedom to opt-out of comprehensive sex-ed entirely if that’s what they determined was best for their students. That freedom has been stripped from the districts. All public schools in WA must now adopt CSE curricula for kindergarten on up.

2. The bill says nothing about porn. What it DOES say is that all sex-ed curriculum must be approved by the OSPI. This is the point at which it might be helpful to note that Chris Reykdal, the head of the OSPI who has now been given all this decision-making authority, made public testimony in which he compared parents who believe in the material reality of biological sex to “flat earthers.”

While the bill itself makes no reference to porn, a little healthy curiosity goes a long way. If you visit the OSPI list of approved CSE curriculum, you will find things like the 3Rs and the FLASH curriculum, and if you look at the lesson plans included in said curriculum, it won’t take you long to find evidence of all the alarming claims I made yesterday.

Republicans actually tried to pass an amendment to the bill that would remove pornographic content from the curriculum. They showed actual examples during the legislative hearing. Democrats rejected the amendment.

The best thing I can encourage people to do is to sign up to receive the OSPI sex-ed e-newsletter and then click on the numerous suggested teacher resources when you receive it. 😳

3. Yes, parents can opt out, but they shouldn’t have to, and it’s not a fool-proof solution. Comprehensive sex-ed is designed to be integrated into other subjects as well, subjects you’re not allowed to opt out of.

For some of the most relevant info on all this nonsense, follow Informed Parents of Washington on FB. I don’t even live in WA anymore, so I won’t be keeping my finger on the pulse as closely. I’ve gotta do what I can to make sure this crap doesn’t infiltrate Idaho.

Peace, safety, and courage to you. The people who care the most end up winning these things.

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  1. It’s pretty bad. Also, a lot of this stuff has been going on for at least a decade now. This bill just makes some things mandatory.

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