Post-abortive women

Here is something I read on Facebook.

Post-abortive women

by Abby Johnson: ProWoman, ProChild, ProLife

I see them everywhere. Most of them will never tell. Some of them will scream in your face. Some just cry if you bring up the topic.

Yet they are there. Millions of women who have had abortions…this secret they are walking around with. I wonder if they sometimes touch their bellies when they see pregnant women. Reminding themselves of the life that was once there. A life that they can’t even acknowledge because that would mean admitting to what they have done.

And they live with these chains around them, suffocating the joy out of their soul. Sometimes we see them yelling and we laugh at them. “How crazy they are.” We call them names. “Abortion Barbie.” We call them “disgusting.” We never think about how the snake of deception has penetrated their hearts. We don’t see that their anger is really just woundedness…they simply don’t see the difference.

These women are in your church. They are in your circle of friends. They are in your family. Some are your daughters, sisters, mothers. They hide this secret because they don’t understand the power of their testimony. Because they have seen how the “prolife” community treats post-abortive women. And they continue to suffocate.

It’s overwhelming at times for me to think about the women I interact with everyday…at the store, over email, on phone calls…who all hold on to this secret. I see it, I feel the burden, yet all I can do is continue to share my story…hoping that hearing of my freedom from my past abortions will empower them to break the chains and take a breath.

Life and death is in the power of YOUR tongue. Be chain breakers. Speak life.

#prolove ❤️

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